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Employment Law Counseling

Each workplace is unique and each company has its own culture, goals and driving business needs. We are pragmatic, approachable, knowledgeable and diligent when it comes to understanding your company and are keenly focused on making sure the legal issues you face minimally impact your company’s need to focus on what matters most to you — growing your business and keeping your workplace free from distractions and disruptions.


Employment Law and Counseling in Sacramento, California

Employment Law Practice Includes:

Employment contracts and offer letters

Independent contractor analysis and agreements

Exempt/Non-exempt classification analysis

Commission, bonus and other incentive plans

Hiring, discipline and termination risk assessments

Performance management

Reasonable accommodation analysis

Leave of absence management

Reasonable accommodation analysis

Confidentiality, non-disclosure and other restrictive covenant agreements

Layoff, RIF and WARN planning and execution

Workplace policies and Handbooks

Separation agreements

Workplace culture and engagement

Litigation risk mitigation

Workplace Audits Including:

Litigation vulnerability and risk assessments

Leave of absence compliance

PAGA claims and risk assessments

Responses to agency investigations


Workplace Audits Sacramento California