Workplace Investigations

Why hire an external attorney investigator?

In short, because you only have one chance to get it right.


Workplace investigations are often complex matters that require immediate action, substantive expertise, the ability to establish rapport with individuals of varying backgrounds and experiences, and mindfulness of an organization’s unique culture and perspective. We understand that addressing complaints with urgency and expediency is key to getting your organization’s productive attention back and minimizing the disruption to workflow.

A qualified, experienced attorney investigator can be the difference between a sound, evidence-based employment decision that withstands, or better yet, prevents, future litigation and a subpar investigation that invites significant liability, undermines the organization or, at a minimum, creates negative optics internally and externally.

We get it. Compliance with the often-complex intersection of federal, state and local labor and employment laws is tricky business. Which is why bringing on an attorney investigator who specializes in employment law makes good business sense.

Diverse Workforce Team Working Together

Workplace investigations by an attorney-investigator can provide peace of mind that substantive issues are identified and explored by an experienced, impartial third party. Employers may also rely on a timely and thorough investigation as an affirmative defense if future litigation arises. Importantly, investigations by a neutral third party help employers demonstrate a commitment to the workforce and equitable, respectful treatment of all employees. Such investigations provide a safe forum for employees to raise sensitive or difficult workplace challenges and provide candid feedback, which can improve morale and help companies regain their positive and productive culture and minimize disruptions. 

Investigations Practice Includes:





Employee misconduct


Ethical violations

Failure to accommodate disability

Threats of workplace violence

Wrongful termination

Whistleblower complaints